tricia_babyTricia Parish is an accomplished vocalist and acoustic guitarist who’s original and cover tunes will soothe your soul. Canadian born, Tricia’s influences have been none other than Joni Mitchell, Sheryl Crow, Sarah McLachlan, Shawn Colvin and Shania Twain. Her pure voice and warm lyrics will transform you to the child in your mother’s arms and rock you! She started playing guitar at age 15 and has been singing since she was 2 years old, according to her mother. Spending much of her adult life in Colorado, you’ll hear the influence of the mountain music. She currently resides in the Manitou Springs area with her family. Her guitar of choice is a Taylor, Model T5. A single mom for 16 years, she has her first album of originals released in 2010. Her music can be categorized as alternative country rock. Your ears will be pleased with the result.



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Joel Stauffer

Show Attendee

A Tricia Parish show is guaranteed to stir the senses and appeal to multiple emotions. One moment she’ll have the audience up and dancing to a contemporary rock cover and the next they’ll be humming along to one of her more mellow originals. Her versatility as a singer and talent as a songwriter make her shows “Can’t Miss” events on the Front Range.

-Joel Stauffer

James Symchych

Show Attendee

Tricia Parish is a yet to be discovered singer-song writing gem.Her work consists of well-crafted songs with a wide range of rhythmic styles such as driving rock to Latin beats, ballads and pop.The most striking thing,  however, is her voice which I find is a cross between Stevie Nicks,Shaun Colvin and Allison Kraus.I have worn this album out I love it that much!!

-James Symchych
Drummer and Guitarist, Co-owner of Ranch Recording, Manitoba, Canada.

Samuel Hart

Show Attendee

My introduction to Tricia Parish and her music was in the early part of 2013. Over the years I have seen her perform in various venues as a solo act, two/three piece as well as a full band in front of audiences and crowds of all sizes, ages and backgrounds. As a solo act, Tricia delivers a consistent beautiful acoustic sound with a voice that can be endearing and addictive. Her incredible musical repertoire includes an ever growing multitude of artists, styles and genres that clearly demonstrate the dedicated prep work she puts into every gig (as if it was the first). Significant moments in every Parish performance are the song originals sprinkled throughout. Her CD, “Tricia Parish Album”, continues to surprise many fans with titles like “Change in the Weather”, “Goin’ Down the Road” and the favorite “Sailor from Marseille” which exhibits solid natural commercial potential. There is no doubt that Tricia will continue to be an active part of the Colorado Springs music scene, a scene that would gladly welcome another CD release.

-Samuel Hart








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Change in the Weather

My son, Russ, was very depressed one day about the fact that summer was ending in Colorado and fall was on the way.  It usually means the start of snow by the end of September.  I tried to cheer him up, reminding him of the clear, crisp days and the cool, star-filled nights.  So the next morning I woke up early for some reason with a song in my head and had to write it down.  I came up with this tune and went downstairs and woke him up and sang it for him.

One Way Ticket

I wrote this while I was driving home from an after work drink with coworkers.  I wasn’t going to go because I wasn’t feeling good, but decided a “hot toddy” might do the trick.  It helped for the moment, but while driving home. I called up a friend and asked if they could write down these words and started singing the song.  I got to Safeway to pick up some groceries and while there we lost signal because in the back of the store you do that.  I called them back as I got to the checkout stand.  The whole thing was written by the time I got home.

Linda's Garden

The song was written in the backyard of my sister’s house in BC. It was so nice being in her garden and I felt like I finally had a moment to myself. Linda had taken the kids somewhere and I was alone, for what felt like the first time in ages.  I started writing the song and realized how special it was to be there with my sister who I hadn’t seen in 16 years.  It wasn’t by choice, just circumstantial.  I sang the song for them when they returned from their errand. Three years later I sent her a copy of the finished CD with the song.

Magical Touch

I wrote this about a love that just gets better as you spend time with someone. I am a hopeless romantic. The magical part is so important and shouldn’t leave the two people involved. The singer is walking down the street, riding her bike, driving her car; all things she does on a regular basis while thinking about her love.

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Sailor from Marseille<

In 2006, I went on a barge trip down the Seine river from Paris to Auxerre.  It was the most wonderful vacation I had ever experienced.  Once done with the barge trip, I went to Marseille, Nice and Monaco.   The whole country is so romantic, with its history and countryside.  I had to come up with a song to fit this country that was “Tres tragic!” but so beautiful.

Goin' Down the Road

I wrote this while playing a BBQ gig at the Garden of the Gods campground.  I used to sing there for all the campers for three years.  I built up quite a fan base.  I wrote this about homeless people, even though it started out about campers.  Homeless people were just more interesting, with more stories behind their lives; ones that are not common and usually tragic.  This song’s dedicated to all those who suffer.  There’s no remedy in the song, just a recognition of their plight.


Gushy is about how I believe a teenager would feel falling in love, only it was me being a teenager and falling in love.  I hope everyone gets to feel this way sometime in their life.  I still have bosses ask if they were the one who was a “jerk” in the song.  “No, no, I say, that was just a metaphor!”  More importantly, I felt giddy as a school girl with a crush!  What a wonderful time in my life.  I’m very lucky.


I wrote the words in the ’80’s and revisited them with a brand new tune. Honestly, I couldn’t remember the old one.  Its about a relationship that was very painful, where the other person’s dishonesty played a big part.  Now I celebrate the fact that I survived it and went on to become a stronger person.  I learned a lot about people and am less naive.  I think this may have saved me some future turmoil but it also caused me to close my heart up for awhile.  Thankfully, that didn’t last.


Music Shop

Please contact Tricia regarding the purchase of one of her CD’s (store offline currently)


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